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The Key Factors that are causing a Mess in your Office

Keeping your office space clean and tidy is easier said than done. As we know, the office environment has a direct impact on employees productivity. If offices and desks are already filled with junk, it can be all-too-tempting to simply add to the existing pile of stuff. 

With this in mind, here are some of the key factors, which you should avoid, that lead to extra mess building up in your office. 



Research has shown that a third of office workers don’t leave their desks to eat lunch. As a result, food particles smear across your desk, mouse, phone and even in between the keys of keyboards. The mess left by food doesn’t just look bad, it smells bad and could cause health hazards. Office kitchens offer shared spaces for your employees to store and prepare food, and things like the microwave and the sink can become dirty and unpleasant. 



With people coming in and out for meetings in an office, it is inevitable that a mess is going to be caused. Between coffee cups and plates, the office always ends up looking like a bombsite. After a day of continuous meetings, nobody can be bothered cleaning up and the mess just gets moved to the office kitchen sink, or left for another day. 



Paper creates a lot of mess around the office. Sticky notes, reports and documents buildup over time and create a huge clutter if not cleaned. These must be dealt with regularly to keep the volume down, however it’s something which often gets overlooked. Spending just a few minutes every day sorting papers into ones to recycle and ones to keep can prevent this from becoming an issue. 


Poor Cleaning Standards 

If the standard of cleaning in your office is poor then you are never going to get rid of the mess that keeps building up. It is every employees’ responsibility to maintain a good standard of cleanliness within the workspace. Your office culture needs to be one that makes keeping the workplace tidy a necessity. 


If your office always looks dirty and messy, maybe it’s time to invest in a professional cleaning service like ServiceMaster NI. Our skilled team can handle all the messes that you don’t have time to address to keep your workplace hygienic and productive.  With over 40 years cleaning experience, we use the most advanced cleaning technologies and processes to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the service we provide.  

Contact us today if you wish to make use of our services. Call us on 02890 538991

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