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How can Commercial Cleaning improve your overall office environment

Due to the decline in face-to-face meetings, many businesses have neglected the importance of cleanliness in their offices. Even though office cleaning  isn’t the most exciting aspect of a business, it is still an extremely important part of the everyday productivity of a company.  Commercial Cleaning is an easy way to sort this problem.  


Here is how commercial cleaning can improve your office: 



Imagine working everyday surrounded by clutter and mess? Spending your office time hunting for documents and becoming distracted by the mess surrounding you. Studies have shown that employees who are more likely to feel well disposed to an employer who invests in them, prompts them to make more effort in their roles. Creating a clean, organised workspace can therefore increase your employees concentration levels. It also removes potential distractions during meetings. Less time wasted ultimately means a more streamlined office process!



An office should be an extension of your brand, even if your clients don’t usually see that side of your business. It is always important to remember that your employees spend more time at work during their waking hours than at home (on average), so helping them to keep positive is a necessity. An untidy workspace sparks a negative atmosphere, by having your office commercially cleaned on a regular basis you will transform your workplace environment. 



Indoor spaces, if not ventilated and aired out regularly can become stagnant and polluted. Air quality has a big effect on your cognitive function. Regular commercial cleaning, with the occasional deep clean will clear your office air free of built up dust and leave your work environment feeling fresh. 


ServiceMaster NI provides commercial cleaning services across Northern Ireland. We take great pride in delivering a professional cleaning service together with exceptional customer service. 


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