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How to Deep Clean your Office

How to Deep Clean your Office


Systematically deep cleaning your workspace is crucial for maintaining a hygienic and pleasant working environment. Deep cleaning helps control the spread of infections and viruses as well as keeping tabs on clutter and dust. At Service Master NI, we know the true value of having a clean and hygienic workspace for productivity and overall health benefits. 


- What makes Deep Cleaning different from regular cleaning? 

A regular clean is designed to help maintain a certain level of cleanliness around your office. A deep clean involves a more thorough cleaning procedure. Deep cleaning will cover all the nooks and crannies, surfaces and corners in your workspace.  It is not just a daily task or a general tidy-up, it is a cleaning process which removes dirt, dust and other types of grime and bacteria that can build up in different areas over a period of time. 


A deep clean should be done at least once a year, although larger companies might find twice a year works better. If your office has a period of closure, such as over Christmas, this is the ideal time for a deep clean, as there’s nobody in the office. You can pull everything out and clean in all the hard to reach corners without disturbing staff while they’re working. 


Step 1: Clear out the office 

Remove all clutter in your office, all the unnecessary nick-nacks that have been piling up need to go. Empty all desks, cupboards and filing cabinets and don’t forget to recycle! Any furniture that can move should be gathered into the middle of the office space, exposing all the edges (and areas where dust has built up). By pulling out all the furniture and kitchen appliances, you can get behind them and reach the kind of dirt that can build up in those usually hidden areas. Cleaning hard to reach areas like this improves the air quality and the hygiene standards of the office, as there’s no mystery dirt or mouldering old food releasing bacteria and unpleasant smells into the workspace. 


Step 2: Considering the layout or the workspace and rearranging 

If your workspace becomes cluttered and untidy quite rapidly, then it is maybe time to reconsider the layout of the office and experiment with different layouts. Ask your team how could we rearrange things to make the layout more practical, functional, and easy to work in?  If people can reach drawers and shelves from their desks or have more storage space of their own at their desks, they’re more likely to use it. This stops piles of paperwork and other clutter from gathering on the desks and making the office look untidy. Small changes like this make a huge difference. 

Step 3: Dust and Disinfect

One of the big reasons a deep clean is so vital to an office is to improve the air quality. Poor air quality can mean your team will find it harder to concentrate thanks to lack of clean air and they may suffer from headaches, breathing issues, and other health problems. Make sure the office is well ventilated, and get to work with dry dusting all surfaces. Start from the top of the room; light fixtures, rails and high shelving or tall furniture first. Disinfect thoroughly to get rid of all the germs and bacteria, especially around your keyboard and office appliances. These are the areas which generate the most bacteria in the whole office. 

Although you and your team performing your own deep clean is beneficial. Service Master NI will be able to provide the most advanced cleaning technologies and processes to ensure that your office receives the deepest of cleans. With over 40 years of experience, we have a completely different and fresh approach to managing commercial cleaners and the quality of their work. Contact us today for any deep cleaning inquiries!

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The Importance of Carpet Cleaning



You’d be amazed at how many people overlook the need to clean their carpets on a regular basis. Vacuuming and spot cleaning is good for the short term care of your carpet but commercial carpet cleaning is the key to the long term.  

Here are the reasons why it is so important to get your carpets professionally cleaned:  


  • Healthier Environment

    Carpets are the main gatherer of bacteria in offices, with germs, allergens, dead insects, dirt and crumbs all gathering in the fibres. This build up of bacteria filters into the air of the office and it is actually proven to increase the chance of sickness among employees.  Specifically, the dust affects employees who may suffer from asthma and those who are prone to allergic reactions. 


  • Remove Stains

    Carpet stains are unsightly for you and visitors in your home/office and can really take away from the feel of the room. Professional carpet cleaners can remove the toughest of stains and marks on carpets so that they look brand new. 



  • Improve the Smell of the Room

    There is nothing worse than the smell of a mouldy carpet. This is especially true for households with pets and young children. Vacuuming can clean your carpets but they struggle to improve the smell. With our wide range of services and equipment, ServiceMaster Clean can lightly clean a carpet and have it dry and smelling lovely in just minutes. 



  • Extend Lifespan-

    According to research, regular cleaning of your carpet can extend their lifespan by around 2 years, which is definitely worth the investment. Your carpet is subject to wear and tear everyday due to dirt being walked into your office or home. This can cause damage to the carpet fibres causing premature wear. 


Here at ServiceMaster NI, we recommend that you have your carpet professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months to help prolong the life of your carpet and protect your investment. We use specialist equipment and cleaning solutions to remove not only dirt but, excess shampoo residue and water unlike most rented carpet cleaning equipment leave carpets wet with detergent residue. We provide a wide variety of levels of cleaning leading up to what we believe is the country's largest fleet of heavy weight truck mounted extraction systems that give the deepest clean possible! 


Contact us today if you are interested in our professional carpet cleaning services.

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The Key Factors that are causing a Mess in your Office

Keeping your office space clean and tidy is easier said than done. As we know, the office environment has a direct impact on employees productivity. If offices and desks are already filled with junk, it can be all-too-tempting to simply add to the existing pile of stuff. 

With this in mind, here are some of the key factors, which you should avoid, that lead to extra mess building up in your office. 



Research has shown that a third of office workers don’t leave their desks to eat lunch. As a result, food particles smear across your desk, mouse, phone and even in between the keys of keyboards. The mess left by food doesn’t just look bad, it smells bad and could cause health hazards. Office kitchens offer shared spaces for your employees to store and prepare food, and things like the microwave and the sink can become dirty and unpleasant. 



With people coming in and out for meetings in an office, it is inevitable that a mess is going to be caused. Between coffee cups and plates, the office always ends up looking like a bombsite. After a day of continuous meetings, nobody can be bothered cleaning up and the mess just gets moved to the office kitchen sink, or left for another day. 



Paper creates a lot of mess around the office. Sticky notes, reports and documents buildup over time and create a huge clutter if not cleaned. These must be dealt with regularly to keep the volume down, however it’s something which often gets overlooked. Spending just a few minutes every day sorting papers into ones to recycle and ones to keep can prevent this from becoming an issue. 


Poor Cleaning Standards 

If the standard of cleaning in your office is poor then you are never going to get rid of the mess that keeps building up. It is every employees’ responsibility to maintain a good standard of cleanliness within the workspace. Your office culture needs to be one that makes keeping the workplace tidy a necessity. 


If your office always looks dirty and messy, maybe it’s time to invest in a professional cleaning service like ServiceMaster NI. Our skilled team can handle all the messes that you don’t have time to address to keep your workplace hygienic and productive.  With over 40 years cleaning experience, we use the most advanced cleaning technologies and processes to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the service we provide.  

Contact us today if you wish to make use of our services. Call us on 02890 538991

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Fogging for your Northern Ireland Business

At ServiceMaster we are committed to ensuring your business is a safe place to work during this time. Fogging is the fastest and easiest way of santising your workplace with little disruption. Perfect as the restrictions begin to ease!


What is Fogging and where can it be used?

For internal areas, a Fogging machine generates very small airborne droplets of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds. Fogging is a proven method rather than a new technology, though its application is relatively new to the UK & Ireland.


Benefits of Fogging

Fogging offers many benefits as a method of deep cleaning, it has become more popular over the past year with a greater demand for quick and thorough deep cleaning and outbreak control. 

Fogging is ideal for outbreak control measures and can be used in all environments including Offices, Gyms, Childrens day nurseries, Care homes, Housing Associations, GP surgeries, Restaurants and Schools. Our teams of highly trained operatives and the use of our specialist equipment can quickly and professionally decontaminate all sites.

  • Complete room disinfection! As well as viruses, they also kill bacteria, fungi and mould.
  • Pre and post chemical test indicators prove if there has been sufficient exposure from the Fogging process.
  • High penetration with Cold Fog Vaporisation of hard to reach areas.
  • Suitable for medical and all electronic equipment.
  • Treated areas can be safe to occupy within 1 hour of Fogging.
  • Long-lasting protection for your business.



ServiceMaster NI Fogging Services

Service Master NI uses the best equipment and products to ensure businesses in Northern Ireland get the best cleaning services. We follow procedures that are backed up by science to remove and decontaminate your environment so that you can get back to running your business as quickly as possible! We take into account the Covid-19 guidelines when deep cleaning and make sure your business is cleaned to the highest standard.

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Office Cleaning At ServiceMaster

Office cleaning is more essential than ever now as people are returning to their offices across Northern Ireland. ServiceMaster NI offers the highest level of deep cleaning for offices in Belfast and the rest of Northern Ireland.


Our Management Style

Cleaning is not a difficult task but if you want it done thoroughly then it is best to leave it to the professionals. ServiceMaster takes a completely different approach to managing commercial cleaners and the quality of their work, we don’t just give our staff a mop and send them on their way. We use the best technologies to monitor our staffs cleaning progress using our Electrical Auditing Systems clocks our supervisor in at your premises and uses a series of unique questions specifically made for your site. With the ability to add pictures and scores to our cleaning audit that you receive by email each month.


We also have a Telelog free phone system. This system requires our office cleaning staff to clock in and out on the job. You can keep track of how often your office is being cleaned as the time sheets are emailed to you.


Our Office Cleaning Services

At ServiceMaster we do not simply ‘clean your office’ we ensure our commercial cleaning standards are at the highest level for your business. In regards to Covid-19, our cleaning services now include our high touch point cleaning and sanitation task schedule. We now use SaniMaster 6 to ensure that the risk of infection is greatly reduced which makes for a safe and more hygienic work space for you and your colleagues. 

SaniMaster 6 is an effective sanitising and decontamination product that is widely used within hospital, food preparation areas, schools and other work spaces. 

ServiceMaster NI work with small and multinational companies providing the highest standard of commercial and contract office cleaning services for your business. We make it our duty to keep your employees safe. Contact us today if you wish to make use of our wonderful services.

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Service Master: The Best Cleaning service in Northern Ireland

At Service Master, we are well known for our unique and thorough cleaning regime. We don’t just routinely clean your business without any thought process. We like to think of ourselves as ‘masters’ when it comes to cleaning! Across Northern Ireland we have used our technique to help keep many businesses clean and hygiene standards above what any other cleaning service promises. 


Keeping your workplace clean is just as important to us as it is to you.


The best cleaning in Northern Ireland


At the moment, it is even more important to ensure the cleanliness of your workplace is at least meeting the cleaning requirements if not going well above them… and that is what we do! Northern Ireland has seen many changes over the last year or so which has left businesses confused about cleaning regulations, that is where we come in!


Our wonderful Service Master staff are well trained and knowledgeable about all the rules and regulations that can sometimes go overlooked. We can assure you that if you use our cleaning services you will not have to worry about a thing when it comes to cleanliness… especially ‘Covid Cleanliness’.

2020 saw a new age of cleaning and in 2021 it continues… 

As one of Belfast’s most experienced and thorough cleaning services, Service Master Northern Ireland has plenty of well thought out processes to clean your space. 


In addition to our schedules cleaning services we can implement our high touch point cleaning and sanitation task schedule. Our cleaning operatives use SaniMaster 6! This can ensure that the risk of object to person infection is much lower. Resulting in a very hygienic workplace for you and your colleagues.


To sum up, we offer professional, thorough and bespoke cleaning services excellent for businesses during this uncertain time. If you would like to take advantage of our superb cleaning services in Northern Ireland, contact us today! 


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How can Commercial Cleaning improve your overall office environment

Due to the decline in face-to-face meetings, many businesses have neglected the importance of cleanliness in their offices. Even though office cleaning  isn’t the most exciting aspect of a business, it is still an extremely important part of the everyday productivity of a company.  Commercial Cleaning is an easy way to sort this problem.  


Here is how commercial cleaning can improve your office: 



Imagine working everyday surrounded by clutter and mess? Spending your office time hunting for documents and becoming distracted by the mess surrounding you. Studies have shown that employees who are more likely to feel well disposed to an employer who invests in them, prompts them to make more effort in their roles. Creating a clean, organised workspace can therefore increase your employees concentration levels. It also removes potential distractions during meetings. Less time wasted ultimately means a more streamlined office process!



An office should be an extension of your brand, even if your clients don’t usually see that side of your business. It is always important to remember that your employees spend more time at work during their waking hours than at home (on average), so helping them to keep positive is a necessity. An untidy workspace sparks a negative atmosphere, by having your office commercially cleaned on a regular basis you will transform your workplace environment. 



Indoor spaces, if not ventilated and aired out regularly can become stagnant and polluted. Air quality has a big effect on your cognitive function. Regular commercial cleaning, with the occasional deep clean will clear your office air free of built up dust and leave your work environment feeling fresh. 


ServiceMaster NI provides commercial cleaning services across Northern Ireland. We take great pride in delivering a professional cleaning service together with exceptional customer service. 


Contact us today for hassle free office cleaning services. Call us on 02890 538991

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Are Your Premises COVID-19 Ready?

ServiceMaster NI can prepare and maintain your premises to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

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Above & Beyond FEB 2020

Feb Employee of the month


Meet Marta pictured receiving her award presented by our Operations Manager Noeleen. Marta has been recognised for 'Going Above & Beyond' delivering an outstanding service! Thank you for bringing your best to work every single day, ServiceMaster appreciates you!

#congratulations #goingaboveandbeyond #team #professionalcleaningservices #smni 

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Going 'Above & Beyond' Jan 2020


Martina Bowen Staff Pic

Meet Martina pictured receiving her award presented by our Area Manager David. Martina has been recognised for 'Going Above & Bey
ond', providing consistently high standards and support. SMNI truly appreciate your hard work and dedication! 

#welldone #highstandards #teamwork #professionalcleaningservice

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Look no further for a professional cleaning team!

Staff Pic full 2



Who are we?

An office & commercial cleaning provider that provides exceptional service that goes Above & Beyond our client’s expectations

What do we do?

Take the stress and hassle away from the daily cleaning

Benefits to the clients?

Our fully managed cleaning service means our clients can relax in the knowledge that their cleaning provision will be carried out to or Above and Beyond the agreed service levels, letting them to focus on their business while we focus on their cleaning.

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new staff memberWe would like to take this opportunity to welcome Paula Bloomer who has joined our office team & Regan Heron joining our mobile cleaning crew.  With the wealth of experience you will both bring we have every confidence that you will excel within our company. 

We all look forward to working with you and wish you every success in your new job roles.

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Want Sparkling Windows?

IMG 3959 One of our guys making sure these windows sparkle!  Let the sun stream through your windows during this fantastic weather, give ServiceMaster NI a call today and let us take care of all your cleaning needs.

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ServiceMaster NI would like to welcome our newest member of the team!

nmc ServiceMaster NI would like to extend our warmest welcome to Noeleen McCartan our new Operations Manager.  With over  15 years experience within the commerical cleaning industry Noeleen brings with her a wealth of knowledge to our company. 

Noeleens main duties will be to liase with both staff and clients and ensuring that a first class cleaning service is delivered.  For more information on our company please do not hesitate to contact us.

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What does your office say about you to new customers?

IMG 3977 New Image12

ServiceMaster NI are experts in their field when it comes to making the right impression! Let us help your office say the right things to those that matter!



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Want a new floor?

IMG 5396 IMG 5402

Our guys making a floor look like new! Give us a call to discuss any of your cleaning needs.



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"The Juke of Clean"


Move over the "Duke of Hazard" because the "Juke of Clean" has hit the streets. Bringing clean offices to the good folk of Belfast and beyond! Be sure to give us a wave and a toot if you see us out and about!


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High Level Cleaning

FullSizeRender1 FullSizeRender

Some of our guy's doing high level cleaning at CAFRE Food Technology Centre, Loughry Campus.

'It's just as important to pay attention to what's above you, as it is to what's around you'

ServiceMaster NI are not just expert office cleaners!!



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our company's social responsibility


Already in the middle of January 2016, and we didn't have to think too hard about which charity we could possibly work with and support this year.
We are pleased to say that ServiceMaster NI has become proud sponsors of the NI Children’s Hospice. Throughout 2016, we will be supporting the charity through monetary donations, volunteering, and different challenges completed by our staff.

The Northern Ireland Children's Hospice is a local charity that cares for children and young people with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions, and supports their families and those close to them.
We would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved or have any ideas

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Watch this space for topics on cleaning services in Northern Ireland

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