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Office Cleaning At ServiceMaster

Office cleaning is more essential than ever now as people are returning to their offices across Northern Ireland. ServiceMaster NI offers the highest level of deep cleaning for offices in Belfast and the rest of Northern Ireland.


Our Management Style

Cleaning is not a difficult task but if you want it done thoroughly then it is best to leave it to the professionals. ServiceMaster takes a completely different approach to managing commercial cleaners and the quality of their work, we don’t just give our staff a mop and send them on their way. We use the best technologies to monitor our staffs cleaning progress using our Electrical Auditing Systems clocks our supervisor in at your premises and uses a series of unique questions specifically made for your site. With the ability to add pictures and scores to our cleaning audit that you receive by email each month.


We also have a Telelog free phone system. This system requires our office cleaning staff to clock in and out on the job. You can keep track of how often your office is being cleaned as the time sheets are emailed to you.


Our Office Cleaning Services

At ServiceMaster we do not simply ‘clean your office’ we ensure our commercial cleaning standards are at the highest level for your business. In regards to Covid-19, our cleaning services now include our high touch point cleaning and sanitation task schedule. We now use SaniMaster 6 to ensure that the risk of infection is greatly reduced which makes for a safe and more hygienic work space for you and your colleagues. 

SaniMaster 6 is an effective sanitising and decontamination product that is widely used within hospital, food preparation areas, schools and other work spaces. 

ServiceMaster NI work with small and multinational companies providing the highest standard of commercial and contract office cleaning services for your business. We make it our duty to keep your employees safe. Contact us today if you wish to make use of our wonderful services.

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