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Why does ServiceMaster need to carry out a site survey?


We use time and motion data to estimate cleaning hours but this alone cannot identify your specific needs. We tailor our cleaning schedules to each customer’s requirements and that of their premises.

How can I be sure I am getting the best cleaning for the best price?


ServiceMaster has over 40 years experience within the cleaning industry. We use the most advanced cleaning methods coupled with the latest technologies to deliver an unrivaled cleaning service. Many companies have trusted ServiceMaster with their site cleaning and from these we will provide you with written references for your peace of mind.

How do you monitor your staff?


We monitor staff with a variety of different methods. All of our cleaning staff are required to clock in and clock out of your site. This is done by ringing a free phone number from your office phone. With their unique pin they clock in/ out. If they don’t register their clocking pin then you will not be charged. The time sheets are then sent to you with your monthly invoice. We also carry out regular quality audits that is done with our Electronic Auditing System, that clocks our supervisor in at your premises and uses a series of unique questions specifically made for your site. With the ability to add pictures and scores to our cleaning audit that you receive by email each month.

I am worried about signing long term contracts. If I decide to use your services will I have to sign a long term contract?


Generally we find that once people experience our service this worry disappears. Our contracts usually run for 12 months but at anytime you feel that you no longer wish to continue we ask only for 3 months written notice of cancellation.

Will we be given the same cleaner each time?


Yes the cleaner that we start on your site will be trained to your specific needs. This cleaner will be the same each time. With that said our staff our entitled to holidays and also from time to time may be ill. In this case we will supply you with an experienced mobile cleaner..

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