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The Importance of Carpet Cleaning



You’d be amazed at how many people overlook the need to clean their carpets on a regular basis. Vacuuming and spot cleaning is good for the short term care of your carpet but commercial carpet cleaning is the key to the long term.  

Here are the reasons why it is so important to get your carpets professionally cleaned:  


  • Healthier Environment

    Carpets are the main gatherer of bacteria in offices, with germs, allergens, dead insects, dirt and crumbs all gathering in the fibres. This build up of bacteria filters into the air of the office and it is actually proven to increase the chance of sickness among employees.  Specifically, the dust affects employees who may suffer from asthma and those who are prone to allergic reactions. 


  • Remove Stains

    Carpet stains are unsightly for you and visitors in your home/office and can really take away from the feel of the room. Professional carpet cleaners can remove the toughest of stains and marks on carpets so that they look brand new. 



  • Improve the Smell of the Room

    There is nothing worse than the smell of a mouldy carpet. This is especially true for households with pets and young children. Vacuuming can clean your carpets but they struggle to improve the smell. With our wide range of services and equipment, ServiceMaster Clean can lightly clean a carpet and have it dry and smelling lovely in just minutes. 



  • Extend Lifespan-

    According to research, regular cleaning of your carpet can extend their lifespan by around 2 years, which is definitely worth the investment. Your carpet is subject to wear and tear everyday due to dirt being walked into your office or home. This can cause damage to the carpet fibres causing premature wear. 


Here at ServiceMaster NI, we recommend that you have your carpet professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months to help prolong the life of your carpet and protect your investment. We use specialist equipment and cleaning solutions to remove not only dirt but, excess shampoo residue and water unlike most rented carpet cleaning equipment leave carpets wet with detergent residue. We provide a wide variety of levels of cleaning leading up to what we believe is the country's largest fleet of heavy weight truck mounted extraction systems that give the deepest clean possible! 


Contact us today if you are interested in our professional carpet cleaning services.

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