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Fogging for your Northern Ireland Business

At ServiceMaster we are committed to ensuring your business is a safe place to work during this time. Fogging is the fastest and easiest way of santising your workplace with little disruption. Perfect as the restrictions begin to ease!


What is Fogging and where can it be used?

For internal areas, a Fogging machine generates very small airborne droplets of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds. Fogging is a proven method rather than a new technology, though its application is relatively new to the UK & Ireland.


Benefits of Fogging

Fogging offers many benefits as a method of deep cleaning, it has become more popular over the past year with a greater demand for quick and thorough deep cleaning and outbreak control. 

Fogging is ideal for outbreak control measures and can be used in all environments including Offices, Gyms, Childrens day nurseries, Care homes, Housing Associations, GP surgeries, Restaurants and Schools. Our teams of highly trained operatives and the use of our specialist equipment can quickly and professionally decontaminate all sites.

  • Complete room disinfection! As well as viruses, they also kill bacteria, fungi and mould.
  • Pre and post chemical test indicators prove if there has been sufficient exposure from the Fogging process.
  • High penetration with Cold Fog Vaporisation of hard to reach areas.
  • Suitable for medical and all electronic equipment.
  • Treated areas can be safe to occupy within 1 hour of Fogging.
  • Long-lasting protection for your business.



ServiceMaster NI Fogging Services

Service Master NI uses the best equipment and products to ensure businesses in Northern Ireland get the best cleaning services. We follow procedures that are backed up by science to remove and decontaminate your environment so that you can get back to running your business as quickly as possible! We take into account the Covid-19 guidelines when deep cleaning and make sure your business is cleaned to the highest standard.

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