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How to Deep Clean your Office

How to Deep Clean your Office


Systematically deep cleaning your workspace is crucial for maintaining a hygienic and pleasant working environment. Deep cleaning helps control the spread of infections and viruses as well as keeping tabs on clutter and dust. At Service Master NI, we know the true value of having a clean and hygienic workspace for productivity and overall health benefits. 


- What makes Deep Cleaning different from regular cleaning? 

A regular clean is designed to help maintain a certain level of cleanliness around your office. A deep clean involves a more thorough cleaning procedure. Deep cleaning will cover all the nooks and crannies, surfaces and corners in your workspace.  It is not just a daily task or a general tidy-up, it is a cleaning process which removes dirt, dust and other types of grime and bacteria that can build up in different areas over a period of time. 


A deep clean should be done at least once a year, although larger companies might find twice a year works better. If your office has a period of closure, such as over Christmas, this is the ideal time for a deep clean, as there’s nobody in the office. You can pull everything out and clean in all the hard to reach corners without disturbing staff while they’re working. 


Step 1: Clear out the office 

Remove all clutter in your office, all the unnecessary nick-nacks that have been piling up need to go. Empty all desks, cupboards and filing cabinets and don’t forget to recycle! Any furniture that can move should be gathered into the middle of the office space, exposing all the edges (and areas where dust has built up). By pulling out all the furniture and kitchen appliances, you can get behind them and reach the kind of dirt that can build up in those usually hidden areas. Cleaning hard to reach areas like this improves the air quality and the hygiene standards of the office, as there’s no mystery dirt or mouldering old food releasing bacteria and unpleasant smells into the workspace. 


Step 2: Considering the layout or the workspace and rearranging 

If your workspace becomes cluttered and untidy quite rapidly, then it is maybe time to reconsider the layout of the office and experiment with different layouts. Ask your team how could we rearrange things to make the layout more practical, functional, and easy to work in?  If people can reach drawers and shelves from their desks or have more storage space of their own at their desks, they’re more likely to use it. This stops piles of paperwork and other clutter from gathering on the desks and making the office look untidy. Small changes like this make a huge difference. 

Step 3: Dust and Disinfect

One of the big reasons a deep clean is so vital to an office is to improve the air quality. Poor air quality can mean your team will find it harder to concentrate thanks to lack of clean air and they may suffer from headaches, breathing issues, and other health problems. Make sure the office is well ventilated, and get to work with dry dusting all surfaces. Start from the top of the room; light fixtures, rails and high shelving or tall furniture first. Disinfect thoroughly to get rid of all the germs and bacteria, especially around your keyboard and office appliances. These are the areas which generate the most bacteria in the whole office. 

Although you and your team performing your own deep clean is beneficial. Service Master NI will be able to provide the most advanced cleaning technologies and processes to ensure that your office receives the deepest of cleans. With over 40 years of experience, we have a completely different and fresh approach to managing commercial cleaners and the quality of their work. Contact us today for any deep cleaning inquiries!

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