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Business throughout Northern Ireland rely on ServiceMaster’s cleaning services. With over 40 years cleaning experience and using the most advanced cleaning technologies and processes, we are certain you will be completely satisfied with the service we provide.

Office Cleaning Belfast Northern Ireland by ServiceMaster NIHere at ServiceMaster we believe that the key to providing an exceptional cleaning service is achieved through effective management ensuring that all staff are provided with the necessary training to complete tasks to the highest standards.

We have a number of systems in place to enable us to monitor our performance for example take our Electronic Auditing System, which clocks our supervisor in at your premises and uses a series of unique questions specifically made for your site. With the ability to add pictures and scores to our cleaning audit that you receive by email each month.

In addition to the EAS our Telelog free phone system requires all our cleaners and supervisors to clock in and out.

The time sheets are emailed with your cleaning audit providing accurate details of the number of hours our cleaners have been on site.

By entrusting us to take care of your cleaning needs we will ensure your premises are maintained to the highest standards.

How's that for a fully transparent services?

Further to that every business and organization can experience a serious incident that can prevent it from continuing operations. With ServiceMaster Clean as your contract cleaning provider, you can sign up, for FREE, to our Restoration Response Plan for a fast way to return your business to normal in the event of a fire, flood or act of vandalism.

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