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PAT Testing Belfast Northern Ireland Service MasterPat testing is a very important part of any company’s health & safety policy, with the H&S executive reporting that 25% of all reported electrical accidents have involved portable appliances it is imperative to routinely inspect electrical appliances to ensure they are safe to use.

PAT Testing Belfast Northern Ireland Service MasterThe legal responsibility through the Electricity at Work Regulations falls on the employers, employees and self-employed people to comply with all the regulations and provisions. All reasonably practical steps must be taken to ensure that there is no danger when a portable appliance is in use.

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The requirement and implementation of a regular maintenance through an inspection and testing program places obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974)

  1. Portable appliances are in use by employees
  2. In public buildings such as hospitals, schools or hotels where the public may have access to appliances
  3. Where appliances are supplied or hired

Depending on the risk of an appliance becoming faulty, the type of appliance and the environment that it is used in will determine the level of testing and inspection that is required.